“The more love you give, the more you have it.”

(R.M. Rilke)

About me

Hello, my name is Karoline Heling, I am 32 years old and live on the beautiful Baltic Sea in Northern Germany.

I came as a customer to animal communication and was immediately enchanted.After reading a few books and gaining some experience in some courses, I decided to get an extensive education with the great Catherin Seib. Here I learned everything you need to know as an animal communicator.

Besides the methods, especially the self-confidence and the professional attitude. In addition, I had the opportunity to attend an advanced course with the fabulous Amelia Kinkade in Zurich. I am indebted to Amelia for an even deeper connection, valuable questions and dealing with missing animals. Now I am pleased to be able to offer you professional animal talks.

Karoline Heling

I was born in Flensburg and grew up with my younger sister with my dear mother. When I left home at 16, I met my soul dog Oskar. Almost 13 years we went through life closely connected. Communicating with him was easy, my trust in him was limitless.His sudden end of life made me very unhappy, 2 years I remained without animals, then I came to the two most famous sibling cats in the world about additions. They fascinate me every day. I just like watching them, marveling and cuddling.In 2018 I felt ready for a new dog and so Rosa from Romania came into my life. She brings with her a great dose of humor and spontaneity. Together we live in the countryside. I live vegan and am involved in animal welfare. In addition to wildlife and small projects in my environment, I support doctors against animal testing. https://www.aerzte-gegen-tierversuche.de/de/infos/allgemeine-infos/allgemein and a

Romanian animal rights activist https://www.wir-retten-hunde.de/anette-shelter/. In addition, I am a trained occupational therapist and curative educator and lead together with my mother a curative education practice in Flensburg.

My animal family


My beloved, seductive tomcat! He manages to forget all my principles, leaving my warm bed again to open the feeding box. He makes my heart laugh and my cells dance.


The Amazon! Smart, gorgeous and always close to me. She always keeps a watchful eye on me. Cuddling with Mascha is the greatest thing for both of us.


He was my most faithful companion for almost 13 years. This love, this trust is hard to describe. It is the deepest connection I know.


Rescued from the killing station Golesti, Rosa dashed the long way from Romania to her luck and conquered my heart by storm. She spreads joy and humor everywhere, you can not but be enraptured and amazed… and you should not underestimate her!