“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious”

(Albert Einstein)


What is animal communication?

Animal communication is now a proven service. Telepathy is the most intuitive form of communication and can be (re) activated by anyone. I have learned how to connect with animals so that I can receive their animal messages and translate them for you. It’s just magical – without sorcery. Animal communication is the telepathic exchange of thoughts, feelings and sensory perceptions.

Since telepathy is not spatially limited, a photo and the name are enough to connect. The animal can be anywhere in the world during the conversation. People often tell you what a pity it is that you can not just explain to animals what happens. Yes, that’s exactly what you can do. And they wish it.

How does animal communication work?

In Zurich, Amelia Kinkade explained it to us: We are surrounded by waves / frequencies (radio waves, wifi waves, etc.) We can not see or touch them. They only become “visible” with a corresponding translation (radio or computer). Animals also communicate with wave patterns (the sonar of whales and dolphins). Anyone who has learned to adjust to this frequency, that is “online”, can hear and feel them, so receive their “e-mails”. The animal talks are as complex and different as human conversations. There are open and closed, self-confident and timid interlocutors.

What can a conversation do?

We can thank animals for their behavior, support, admiration, cooperation, questions on behaviors and needs, and sharing important messages (changes such as moving, separation, holidays, family growth). Missing animals, as far as they are able and willing, can give indications where or with whom they are. Conversations with deceased animals can bring enlightenment and comfort. The individual animal shows how far it wants to open and communicate.